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Nov 27 2009

Application of Web-based Monitoring System for Plant Growing by Using Machine Vision

Published by under Intelligent System

Nowadays, demand for integrating between information technology (IT) and development of agricultural system is in order to increase the productivity, efficiency and profitability in term of precision agriculture. This matter occurred due to some problems in the field, such as; unintensively monitoring activities for plant during the growing period. One of the alternative solutions to overcome the problem was introducing the machine vision technology in the farming system. The research is actually as a basic research that aims using technology of digital image processing and software of computation (mathematics) to support a function of real-time monitoring system for plant growing. The research mechanism was started from digital image processing by using an image segmentation method that can identify between the main object (plant) and others (soil, weed). The next was to calculate and analyze a percentage of the plant growing, from after planting until harvesting time. The analyzed data were stored as MySQL database format in the web server. Final output of the research was the web based monitoring instruments for plant growing that can be accessed through intranet (local network) as well as internet technology.

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