Sep 14 2011

Development of Web-based Decision Support System for Managing Subak

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Subak is not only an institution in agriculture, but also as a part of Bali’s local wisdom about human society and its relationship with the environment. Subak as an organization with unique socio-cultural or religious social have some strengths, i.e; (i) ability to absorb the technological developments that evolved around it, (ii) ability to adapt to the dynamics of the surrounding culture, (iii) having the nature of Good Governance, and (iv) ability to restructure their organization as flexible, tailored to the condition of it’s strategic environment.
However, Subak is not free from weaknesses in its operations that is inability to resist interventions that come from external parties. It can be identified are (i) unavailability of legal status to most of Subak, (ii) the weak bargaining position of farmers because it acts independently on an individual basis in the procurement of production inputs and marketing of agricultural products, and (iii) lack of managerial and entrepreneurial skills among farmers.
The research objectives are providing alternative solutions to problems that have not been centralized coordination and management in the management of Subak, and applying the technique as a support system of the simple economic model in decision making.
The research was conducted by Andri Prima Nugroho, Lilik Soetiarso and Sumiyati, and funded by Ministry of Agriculture through KKP3T Program in Year 2010.

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