Sep 09 2009

The Inovation Technology Information System for Supporting Development of Agroindustrial System in Coastal Area

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Recently, the main challenge in the development of agricultural industry sector is the limited presence of the natural resources of agriculture, both in quantity and quality aspects. One of the natural resources that significantly degrade is an agricultural land area. The research was conducted for identifying the capacity of coastal area as one of the natural resources to support development of an agro-industry through introducing agricultural innovation technology. In this stage, outputs of the research were an information system for managing those innovation technologies and profile of the farming system in coastal area.
Research mechanisms include: (i) identification of system parameters through field observations, (ii) preparation of model development system, (iii) development of software-based GIS, (iv) validation and verification of systems with field data acquisition, and (v) standardization system. The developed model was tested in three districts in Province Yogyakarta, namely (i) Bantul, (ii) Kulon Progo and (iii) Gunungkidul. (published by Journal of Agritech 30(2) 2010 – Universitas Gadjah Mada)

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